Education Week+

The IA is bringing aspects of the 2020 Irrigation Show directly to you. The 2020 Education Week+ offers expanded virtual education and innovative ways for exhibitors to reach their audience.

IA Publications

Irrigation Today and Irrigation & Green Industry magazines keep you up to date on the latest trends, technologies and issues in both the agriculture and landscape irrigation industries.

Irrigation Workforce

Finding and keeping qualified employees is one of the irrigation industry’s greatest challenges. The Irrigation Association is committed to developing the future workforce.

News & Announcements

IA issues support for reinstatement of H-2B

President Trump has signed an executive order to suspend the issue of new H-2B visas, along with other temporary worker visas, through the end of 2020.

IA celebrates efficient irrigation during July’s Smart Irrigation Month

The Irrigation Association is excited to announce that July 2020 has once again been designated as Smart Irrigation Month.

New opportunities abound for Irrigation Show exhibitors

The IA has many exciting plans underway to continue our partnership in having the IA promote your products in different ways throughout the rest of this year and beyond.

Upcoming Events

July 6
Irrigation Designer Review Chicago, IL
CEUs: 16
July 7
Irrigation Contractor Review Chicago, IL
CEUs: 16
July 13
Introduction to Irrigation & Installation Houston, TX
CEUs: 8
July 14
Irrigation Technician Course Rock Hill, SC
CEUs: 16
July 16
Landscape Irrigation Design Process Rock Hill, SC
CEUs: 8
July 17
Efficient Irrigation Scheduling Rock Hill, SC
CEUs: 4
July 20
Introduction to Irrigation & Installation San Diego, SC
CEUs: 8
July 21
Irrigation Technician Course San Diego, CA
CEUs: 16
July 23
Landscape Irrigation Design Process San Diego, CA
CEUs: 8
July 24
Efficient Irrigation Scheduling San Diego, CA
CEUs: 4
July 27
Irrigation Designer Review Fairfax, VA
CEUs: 16
July 28
Irrigation Contractor Review Fairfax, VA
CEUs: 16
Aug. 3
Introduction to Irrigation & Installation Phoenix, AZ
CEUs: 8
Aug. 4
Irrigation Technician Course Phoenix, AZ
CEUs: 16
Aug. 6
Landscape Irrigation Design Process Phoenix, AZ
CEUs: 8
Aug. 7
Efficient Irrigation Scheduling Phoenix, AZ
CEUs: 4
Aug. 11
Irrigation Technician Course Reno, NV
CEUs: 16
Aug. 13
Landscape Irrigation Design Process Reno, NV
CEUs: 8
Aug. 14
Efficient Irrigation Scheduling Reno, NV
CEUs: 4
Aug. 20
Landscape Irrigation Design Process Houston, TX
CEUs: 8
Aug. 21
Efficient Irrigation Scheduling Houston, TX
CEUs: 4
Aug. 24
Irrigation Designer Review Fresno, CA
CEUs: 16
Aug. 25
Irrigation Contractor Review Fresno, CA
CEUs: 16
Aug. 31
Introduction to Irrigation & Installation Tuscaloosa, AL
CEUs: 8
Sept. 1
Irrigation Technician Course Tuscaloosa, AL
CEUs: 16
Sept. 3
Landscape Irrigation Design Process Tuscaloosa, AL
CEUs: 8
Sept. 4
Efficient Irrigation Scheduling Tuscaloosa, AL
CEUs: 4
Sept. 14
Irrigation Designer Review San Diego, CA
CEUs: 16
Sept. 15
Irrigation Contractor Review San Diego, CA
CEUs: 16
Oct. 29
Landscape Irrigation Technician Fairfax, VA
CEUs: 8
Nov. 30- Dec. 4
2020 Irrigation Show & Education Week San Antonio, TX
Trade Show | Dec. 2-3

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