Angi Leads Partnership for IA Contractors

The Irrigation Association and Angi Leads have partnered to help take your business to the next level! Millions of homeowners use Angi to search for irrigation professionals to help tackle projects both big and small. Capitalize on this demand by matching directly with customers based on your lead settings and/or having a homeowner connect with you directly.

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Learn more about Angi Leads and how you, as an IA contractor member, are eligible to waive your Angi Leads membership fee and receive a discount on Market Match lead fees. Angi Leads National Account Executive Kristine Battle walks you through the specifics and share ways to make the most of your IA and Angi Leads membership.

Introducing Angi Leads for IA Contractors

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How does Angi Leads work?

  • The first step is to set up an Angi Leads business account and profile, specifying your target budget, tasks, lead types, geographic coverage, etc. You can manage your Angi Leads profile through the Pro Portal and Pro Mobile App.
  • When homeowners search Angi for an irrigation service provider, Angi Leads matches you with prospective homeowners that match your defined profile, generating leads for your company.
  • Homeowners review your profile and request a quote.
  • You follow up directly with the homeowner to discuss, secure and complete the irrigation-related project.
  • When the project is completed, follow up with the homeowner requesting a customer review to further enhance your reputation and visibility on Angi.

As an IA member, what Angi Leads benefits do I receive?

Special recognition: IA members partnering with Angi Leads will receive special recognition on their Angi Leads business profile. The IA member logo will be displayed on your business profile, letting homeowners know you’re committed to professional excellence!

New Angi Leads members: IA contractor members new to the Angi Leads program can join as a new member and have the Angi Leads annual membership fee waived for one year on one occasion. This offer is only eligible to IA contractor members without existing Angi Leads membership.

Existing Angi Leads members: IA contractor members that are existing Angi Leads members can waive their Angi Leads renewal fee for one year on one occasion.

New and renewing Angi Leads members: New and renewing Angi Leads members receive a one-time 30% discount on current lead fees for all Market Match leads during the 30-day period following new or renewing date.

NEW! Save up to 25% on qualified leads for your business: New accounts spend $750 on $1,000 in leads, plus a waived enrollment fee (total savings of $279.99). Current accounts take up to 25% off lead bundle purchases.

How do I sign my company up for Angi Leads through the IA partnership?

Contact IA’s Angi Leads Onboarding Account Manager Kristine Battle (631.856.5351) to initiate the enrollment process. Kristine will work hand-in-hand with you and your company to get started generating leads!

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Watch this introductory webinar recording about Angi Leads and how it can benefit your business.