Strategic Plan

During the last quarter of 2022, the IA engaged in seeking essential insights and perspectives from members and industry stakeholders to help develop a plan for the association’s and industry’s long-term sustainability and growth. Through this process, we identified key strategic priorities aligned to an updated vision and mission.


Transform humanity’s stewardship and use of water, enabling the long-term sustainability of the planet’s water and natural resources, and improving the quality of life through a reliable global food supply and vital green spaces


To be the recognized authority in efficient irrigation: promoting innovation, supporting industry growth and sustainability, engaging decision-makers, and serving as the leading, credible and unifying voice and advocate for the industry

Strategic priorities

The IA has four key strategic priorities, which drive our focus:


Operate a business that supports our mission and enables the IA to lead with foresight and agility

Elevated impact
and value

Elevate the impact and value of the industry with external stakeholders

Professional, expert workforce

Foster the training, development and education of a professional and expert workforce

Thriving, growing industry

Create an environment where the irrigation industry and businesses thrive and grow