Job Position

Irrigation Manager

Irrigation managers oversee the use of water resources to maintain healthy and functional landscapes. They prepare water budgets, create irrigation schedules, measure water usage and monitor plant health. Managers also develop a maintenance schedule for the irrigation system and work closely with the property owner and maintenance personnel to implement the schedule.


  • Develop and implement water budgets and irrigation schedules based on landscape uses, plant requirements and site’s unique conditions.
  • Inspect site and monitor water usage, plant health and irrigation system performance.
  • Identify needed repairs and recommend enhancements to reduce water waste and cost.
  • Work with client and irrigation designer to develop budget and implement plans for preventative, scheduled and emergency repairs, as well as irrigation system upgrades.
  • Provide direction to clients on system use, scheduling and maintenance.

Education & Experience

  • Two-year associate degree required; four-year bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Three to five years irrigation installation experience required.
  • Recommended certification(s): Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT), Certified Irrigation Landscape Auditor (CLIA), Certified Landscape Water Manager (CLWM), manufacturer certification, state landscape certification or irrigation license.


  • $55,000 – $75,000*

*Irrigation industry compensation information is based on reporting by Irrigation Association members, industry recruiters, online job postings and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Compensation varies by candidate experience and job location. This data is provided for information only and does not represent a guarantee or commitment by the Irrigation Foundation.​