Get Clout Where It Counts

Water resources are increasingly becoming targets of legislation and regulation. The Irrigation Association brings a strong voice to regulatory discussions, representing the concerns of our stakeholders to a wide range of policymaker and those in a position to make decisions.

Our government affairs team works at federal, state, regional and local levels to monitor and influence regulations by:

  • Educating elected officials about the economic and community benefits of efficient irrigation and long-term sustainability.
  • Creating awareness of the benefits of Smart Water Application Technologies that increase water-use efficiency.
  • Monitoring federal and state guidelines to be sure they reflect best management practices.
  • Responding quickly and forcefully to provide industry input to improve regulations under consideration.
  • Promoting stewardship policy goals that define the best in water resource planning.

It Pays to Belong

In addition to our advocacy to protect your interests, the IA helps you grow your business with: