Sponsor a Manufacturer Series Webinar

As a manufacturer, you are invited to be a part of one of the Irrigation Association’s most successful initiatives – the IA webinars. The new Manufacturer Series will turn the computer screen over to you, allowing you a new venue to speak directly to those in the industry and share the latest about your company.*

How does it work?

Manufacturers can sponsor a 60-minute webinar to air in summer. As the sponsor, you control the content of the webinar. We’ll take care of the rest, including setup, registration and promoting your webinar to irrigation professionals.

Sponsor a webinar to share the latest about your company:

  • Introduce a new product.
  • Provide a how-to about a specific product, technology or service.
  • Offer ideas for how to grow a business.
  • Educate about your company’s specific expertise.
  • Discuss future plans to generate excitement.

Manufacturer Series webinars are conducted throughout the year, and the cost to sponsor is $2,500. The sponsoring manufacturer receives the following benefits:

  • The IA will send two customized email blasts to the registration list following the webinar (manufacturer provides content in HTML format).
  • The IA will provide the manufacturer the list of webinar registrants (including email addresses).
  • To boost attendance, participants interested in the webinar can attend for free and earn up to 1 CEU.  

For more information or to schedule your webinar, contact the business development department (703.536.7080).

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*This opportunity is only available to IA member manufacturers.