Online Irrigation Seminars

Available for purchase on IA’s online store, these one-hour online seminars address the underlying how to’s of efficient irrigation and water management. Seminar topics are available for both turf and landscape and agriculture professionals and are worth 1 CEU each.

Turf-Landscape Irrigation Topics

Auditing: Soil Moisture vs. Catch Cans (2016)

Catch can audits measure sprinkler performance, while using a portable soil moisture sensor will measure the effectiveness of the irrigation. Both methods are valid and help correlate sprinkler performance with soil moisture uniformity that affects irrigation scheduling and ultimately the appearance of the turfgrass.

BMP – Basis of Design (2017)

This seminar will discuss in detail what a basis of design is, what needs to be included and how it is used once an irrigation system has been installed. Learn why the BOD is a best management practice to improve irrigation efficiency.

Commissioning an Irrigation System (2015)

New green codes and standards are being adopted, which often require that the irrigation system be inspected and commissioned. This seminar discusses the commissioning process.

Earning Points for Green Projects (2016)

A common goal of most green programs is to reduce or eliminate the use of potable water from irrigating the landscape. This seminar will look at various volunteer programs such as LEED, Sustainable Sites and Green Globes and consider the prerequisites and how points for irrigation systems and using alternative water sources are awarded.

ET & Irrigation Management (2016)

Evapotranspiration information is often used to provide a reference for determining the amount of water that is applied to plants. This presentation will look at where the weather stations are located compared to the site being managed, how ET is calculated, and then what to consider when modifying the reference ET to estimate landscape water requirements for different types of plants.

Impacts of Irrigation in Building Rating Systems (2018)

A new trend in green building is the use of rating systems to evaluate the impact of the structure and building site on the environment and use of resources. This presentation will provide an overview of the various methods being introduced in green building programs and the potential to influence landscape design and irrigation methods.

Irrigating Green Roofs (2017)

Vegetated roofs and walls are growing in popularity and are being specified in many diverse climates.  This seminar will explore what kind of information is needed to design an appropriate irrigation system, what types of systems work best, and how to manage the system to use water efficiently.

Low-impact Development & Irrigation: Navigating the Maze of Regulations (2018)

Current low-impact development regulations that affect landscape and irrigation design have conflicting requirements. Become more knowledgeable about smart decision practices including the use of irrigation technology that meet the reduced water-use requirements.

Measuring Landscape Water Use (2016)

In this session, based on numerous residential and commercial audits, Dr. Kelly Kopp will present findings on the amount of water used in the landscape and compare to estimated water demand. Part of the presentation will include a look at both irrigation performance and landscape composition and how irrigation efficiency can be improved.

A New Way to Evaluate Sprinkler Performance (2015)

This seminar introduces attendees to sprinkler operational efficiency. This performance metric evaluates how sprinklers distribute water when used in different spacing configurations.

Pressure Regulation to Improve Irrigation Efficiency (2017)

This seminar will explore the options of controlling excess pressure at the point of connection, at the zone control valve and the individual sprinkler.

Smartphone Apps for Irrigation Management (2015)

Learn about the latest tools for managing irrigation systems and their differences. You will also discover how to implement them to help you become a more effective water manager.

Solvent Welding PVC Pipe (2017)

Did you know that there are standards for how to solvent weld PVC pipe? ASTM D2855 Standard Practice describes the process by which pipe must be joined together. This seminar will teach you the basics about cutting, fitting and using primer and cements for solvent welding.

Sustainable Landscapes & Water-use Efficiency (2015)

Learn key principles of sustainable landscapes and their impact on reducing water use. Understand how landscape modifications and the use of technology provide new opportunities for irrigation professionals to become part of the solution to managing water resources.

Water Quality of Alternate Water Sources (2016)

While water is wet, not all sources of water are fit for applying to plants. This seminar will look at water quality issues with various sources of alternate water sources and what needs to be considered to either treat the water or decide it can’t be used before applying it to the landscape. This is valuable knowledge when considering the use of on-site alternate water sources for the irrigation system.

Weather-based Irrigation Controllers: Features That Maximize Performance (2018)

Weather-based controllers come with a variety of features that can enhance irrigation management and improve irrigation efficiency. This seminar will consider the features that maximize performance, compare a number of popular controllers and discuss how to achieve the maximum benefit.

Workforce Training (2017)

This two-part seminar focuses on how adults learn and how to deliver effective training. The first hour will explore how adults learn and ways to do effective in-house training. The second hour will share proven methods for delivering information based on learning concepts from the first hour.