New IA Board Directors

The Irrigation Association welcomes the newest members of the IA Board of Directors. In early 2023, the IA accepted nominations for 2023-2026 positions on the board. Directors are elected to three-year terms, and they work to establish the association’s strategic direction, policies and programs. These members began their terms following the completion of the 2023 Irrigation Show and Education Week on Dec. 1.

Mark McCostlin

Mark McCostlin is the global sales director for Agri-Inject. His career in the agriculture industry started in 1982. He has worked for large corporations, medium-sized companies and small independent organizations. His roles have included area manager, sales manager, procurement manager, chief operating officer and director of sales. Throughout his career, McCostlin has enjoyed creating successful sales and management teams, utilizing his “coaching” management style. His volunteer work includes serving with the National Retail Association as a member lobbyist and as a committee member of the Superintendent’s Association in Florida. He has a passion for agriculture in the United States and around the world, even spending time in numerous other countries to learn more about their agricultural practices.

“I would like to participate by making positive change. I think now, more than ever, being an IA Board member will allow me the opportunity to participate with other team members in creating positive change. We are walking through a door as an industry where one of Earth’s greatest commodities is being significantly challenged: fresh water. If provided the opportunity to serve on the IA Board of Directors, collectively we will continue seeking out solutions with our water supply challenges. It will be an honor working side by side with industry leaders, molding solutions for future generations.”

Erwin Newell

Erwin Newell is the vice president of business development and irrigation for TriEst Ag Group. He started in sales and design as the first full-time employee at B.B. Hobbs in 1990. His responsibilities at B.B. Hobbs over the next 25 years ranged from sales manager to overseeing operations to managing a construction division and being named vice president. Following two mergers, Newell began his current position with TriEst Ag Group. He currently participates on the board of Landmark Irrigation as well as the Board of Reddick Equipment Company. Throughout his career, Newell has served as an advisor on boards of the North Carolina Tomato Growers Association and the North Carolina Vegetable Growers Association. He has been involved in his church and participated in mission projects in Africa and Mexico.

“The agricultural irrigation industry is changing at a rate greater than anytime during my over 30-year career. Mergers, acquisitions, aging industry leaders, changing markets, water supply, technology, urban development and other factors are impacting the agricultural irrigation industry. Ag irrigation distribution is largely doing business the same way it has for years, but in order to be profitable, attract the best and brightest talent, meet the needs of a changing customer base, most efficiently use resources and be sustainable, it needs to change. I am excited about the potential to work as part of the IA Board to identify and promote ideas and initiatives that foster positive change.”

Todd Polderman

Todd Polderman is the vice president of marketing for landscape irrigation and outdoor lighting at Hunter Industries. While at Hunter for the last 18 years, he has filled various leadership roles in product management, sales and marketing strategy. His current responsibilities include the management of all marketing activities, new product development and technical support for Hunter’s residential and commercial irrigation and lighting businesses. Polderman previously served on the IA’s Irrigation Foundation Board and the Irrigation E3 Committee. He has served on the Awards and Honors Committee for the past three years. Polderman has participated in several Renewal and Remembrance workdays at Arlington National Cemetery with the National Association of Landscape Professionals and in many Hunter Helping Others volunteer group activities.

“I am inspired by the direction the Irrigation Association is now taking and the momentum and redefining work that is underway. I’m honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the association’s future success in any way I can.”

Mark Stuhlsatz

Mark Stuhlsatz is the regional vice president of Ryan Lawn and Tree, overseeing the company’s locations in Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. His career in landscaping and irrigation began when he worked for a local landscaping company while attending Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. After graduating from K-State with a degree in horticulture/landscape design, he began working in the industry with a small landscape design/build company in Kansas City. In 2010 he joined Ryan Lawn and Tree. While working at Ryan over the last 13 years, his primary focus has been growing and developing the company’s irrigation services across multiple markets. He currently volunteers with the IA as the chair of the Scholarship Committee and as a member of the Irrigation & Lighting Editorial Committee.

“I believe the IA can be a vehicle to raise the professionalism of the industry. The green industry can provide opportunities for people to have rewarding careers if we are putting our associates first. The more professional and knowledgeable you are the more you can charge for your services, and therefore more can be shared with the associates. Too many people undervalue this profession by not charging appropriately for their knowledge and skills. I always tell my team that it’s one thing to know HOW to do something, the real power comes when you know WHY you are doing it. Understanding WHY you are doing what you are doing helps distinguish a professional from others in this field. We need more people in the industry understanding the WHY. My goal would be to provide and promote more training and education opportunities so that more people understand the WHY.”

The results of the 2023 IA Board of Directors election will be announced in September. Questions regarding this slate or the Board of Directors election process can be directed here.