Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: The 2023 New Product Contest application is now closed.

How do I apply for the 2023 New Product Contest?

The link to the application will be available on the Irrigation Show and Education Week website and the exhibitor portal on July 17. Applications are due by Aug. 31. The contestant must be signed up to exhibit prior to applying for the contest.

What questions are included on the application and what items must be available to upload?

The application must be submitted with all of the following required components:

  • product name
  • exhibiting company name
  • product website link
  • product category
  • date introduced to the market
  • location product is sold
  • brief product description
  • expanded description
  • product photo
  • company logo
  • contact information for person presenting during judging
I have two entries but the system is only letting me submit one.

You must submit the payment and application for the first entry before the system will permit you to submit the second entry.

Does the product have to be submitted prior to the show?

The application, payment and all other required components must be submitted between July 17 and Aug. 31. The product itself is required to be shipped directly to the show to be displayed in the new product area on the exhibit floor. Dates and shipping details will be provided at a later date. We highly recommend that a company representative remain in the new product contest area to answer questions about your company’s product.

When and where is the judging being held?

The judging/product presentations are returning LIVE to the exhibit floor and will be held in the Innovation Hubs on Wednesday, Nov. 29! Learn more.

What is required during the product presentation?

Each contestant is required to make a five-minute product presentation in front of a panel of judges. PowerPoint presentations are acceptable, but the contestant must provide IA staff their presentation on a flash drive prior to the start of the judging. Judges will also have up to five minutes to ask questions. More information will be supplied directly to contestants.

Our company has four products to enter into one category – Is that ok?

Each company is permitted to submit a maximum of three entries per category. If you have more than three, you will need to decide which three products to submit into the contest. Additional entries from a separate company division that operates under a different name are acceptable.

How much does it cost to enter the contest?

The fee for the first entry per company is $1,000. Each additional entry is $550. A maximum of three entries per category per company will be accepted. Additional entries by another company division operating under a different name are also acceptable to submit.

When are applications due?

Entries must be submitted by Aug. 31, 2023.

What type of payment is acceptable?

Credit card payments are acceptable through the exhibitor portal. Checks are also acceptable. The applicant should select the “bill me” option in the payment section of the form. The entry form cannot be accessed until payment has been received and processed.

When do the products have to be set up on the show floor?

All products must be set up on Tuesday, Nov. 28 between 11:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. If the product is not set up by 6:00 p.m., it may be disqualified. The judges will have a private review of the products in the new product contest area on Wednesday, Nov. 29, prior to the opening of the exhibit floor.

If my product was entered in the 2022 Pitch Competition, can it be entered into the 2023 New Product Contest?

Products and services entered in the 2022 New Product Contest or the 2022 or 2023 Pitch Competition are not eligible to complete in the 2023 New Product Contest.

Dates & Fees  
Contest dates
     •  Applications open – July 17
     •  Application deadline – Aug. 31
     •  Product setup at the show – Nov. 28
     •  Presentations and judging – Nov. 29
     •  Announcement of winners – Nov. 30
     •  $1,000 – first product
     •  $550 – each additional product
A separate agreement form must be submitted per entry.
Payment is required at the time of application submission for each entry.