Spray Head Sprinkler Nozzles

What are spray head sprinkler nozzles?

Healthy, beautiful plants and minimal water use are the results most people are looking for from an irrigation system. Sprinkler nozzles play an important role in achieving this.

Sprinkler nozzles are engineered to apply water in a specific pattern and distance at specified water pressures. Spray head sprinklers are designed for watering small lawns, shrubs and irregularly shaped landscapes. Improved sprinkler nozzles can be easily retrofitted into existing sprinklers and are designed to apply water more uniformly and precisely than older models.

How do they work?

Nozzles used in spray head sprinklers can be used individually or in a group to apply a continuous spray or moving stream of water. Water may be applied in a fixed pattern, or the nozzle may be adjusted to cover a wide range of arcs.

SWAT Testing Protocol
SWAT protocols define science-based methods to evaluate whether products meet established standards for water-use efficiency. The SWAT protocol for spray head nozzles evaluates distribution uniformity, gross precipitation rate, net precipitation rate and losses due to over spray and over watering. Version 3.2 was released April 28, 2015, and is the current testing protocol being used for spray head sprinkler nozzles.

For questions about SWAT or spray head sprinkler nozzles, contact the Irrigation Association via email or by calling 703.536.7080.