Pop-up Sprinkler Head Check Valves

What are pop-up sprinkler head check valves?

We all know water naturally runs downhill, and that is also true in the sprinkler piping. Without check valves built into the body of the sprinkler, water leaks out of the lowest sprinkler in a zone. Check valves prevent this type of drainage from happening.

Sprinkler head check valves also help to conserve the amount of water needed to fill the pipes each time the sprinklers begin running. By keeping the water in the pipes, the sprinklers will activate more quickly when they are scheduled to come on.

How do they work?

Check valves automatically open and close to allow water to only flow in one direction. The valve components are built into the sprinkler, eliminating the need to install a separate check valve under each sprinkler.

SWAT Testing Protocol
SWAT protocols define science-based methods to evaluate whether products meet established standards for water-use efficiency. SWAT began developing a protocol for sprinkler check valves in May 2012. Version 2.3 of the protocol was released in June 2014. The latest version of the test protocol is designed to measure how well check valves operate, including an endurance test of long-term reliability.

For questions about SWAT or pop-up sprinkler head check valves, contact the Irrigation Association via email or by calling 703.536.7080.