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Water is a precious national resource. Yet, in many of the fastest growing regions of the United States, it is also the scarcest. Reducing landscape water demand — which can account for up to 70 percent of water use in some parts of the country — is a critical way we can help address the seasonal scarcity, and it is the reason SWAT was created.

About SWAT

SWAT is a coalition of water purveyors, equipment manufacturers and irrigation practitioners with shared interests in the Smart Water Application Technologies, or SWAT, initiative in North America. SWAT celebrated 10 years in 2012! Click here for a timeline graphic of SWAT accomplishments over that time.

Support SWAT

To make a donation to SWAT and join the list of organizations that are supporting our vital efforts please contact the Irrigation Association by email or at 703.536.7080.

SWAT Financial Supporters

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Get Involved!

The SWAT committee needs support from members of the irrigation community and other professionals whose business and livelihood would be affected by residential water shortages and restrictions.

  • To participate in the SWAT Promotions Working Group, contact the committee chair by email.
  • To participate in the SWAT Technology Working Group, contact the committee chair by email.
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