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Category | Landscape Irrigation
Company | Creative Sensor Technology
Product | ELF-T10-SP3


The ELF-T10-SP3 is the first commercial-grade impeller type flow sensor with a scaled pulse output. It’s available in 3/4 socket and 1-inch threaded sizes. This new sensor measures flow rates from 0.20 to 20 gallons per minute making it ideal for measuring the smallest drip zones to larger residential and commercial rotor zones. The output signal of 1 gallon per pulse is compatible with new smart controller inputs based on water meter pulse outputs. The ELF design is straight through with a low mass impeller, eliminating high pressure losses of water meter designs. The pressure drop through a 1-inch ELF is only 0.1 psi at 12 gallons per minute. The design also eliminates the need for straight pipe sections for installation in tight places. With a master valve threaded directly to the sensor, both will fit in a rectangular valve box.