IA University

NOV. 30-DEC. 4, 2020

IA University is the core curriculum for irrigation professionals. These classes are offered every year to ensure you have the fundamental and practical skills necessary to design, install or maintain an irrigation system, as well as the business skills to manage a small irrigation company. The timing is perfect, with the IA offering a network of in-person paper-and-pencil certification exams following these courses Dec. 7-18. These exams are sponsored by SiteOne.

IA University classes include

  • real-world applications and irrigation case studies.
  • current techniques, field-tested results and best practices.
  • instructors with industry expertise and proven teaching experience.

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Students can select classes from the following categories.

Choose the class that’s right for you:

  • Beginner — for individuals with no or very limited irrigation experience.
  • Intermediate — for individuals with basic knowledge of irrigation concepts and techniques and some experience in the field.
  • Advanced — for individuals with an in-depth understanding of irrigation concepts and techniques and extensive experience in the field.

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IA University classes are priced separately.

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