2020 Landscape Faculty Academy Webinar Series

Recorded webinars available now. Tune in! 

Irrigation Components Webinar
Brad Jakubowski, Pennsylvania State University
This session will discuss the anatomy of an irrigation system: piping, valves, controllers, and sprinklers. Included will be an At-Home Irrigation Components Breakdown Workshop, with attendees actively participating during the seminar. An irrigation components project pack will be shipped to attendees prior to the session (limited number of project packs are available). A few tools from home will be required as well.

Marketplace Trends & Regulatory Updates Webinar
Warren Gorowitz, CLIA, Hunter Industries, and Brent Mecham, CAIS, CGIA, CIC, CID, CIT, CLIA, CLWM, Irrigation Association
The concept of sustainability continues to be a strong influence in the marketplace and the trend for sustainability principles to move from a voluntary opportunity to mandatory compliance in standards and codes. The discussion will look at some of the common aspects as they relate to managed landscapes and irrigation systems. Do these changes restrict or enhance opportunities for students entering the marketplace in the future?

Pump Sizing 101 Webinar

Gail Mueller, Munro Pumps
This session will calculate total dynamic head for pump sizing in irrigation systems.

Teaching Trends & Roundtable Discussion Webinar
This session will be facilitated by a variety of educators and industry professionals.
This session will revolve around discussing teaching trends and resources that you have used and are using to teach irrigation in the classroom and virtually. Join us for this roundtable discussion to share ideas, resources and tools with your peers.

Understanding Basic Pumping Systems Webinar
Gail Mueller, Munro Pumps
This session will cover pump styles, controls and how they communicate in different applications. 

The Why Behind Irrigation Webinar

Warren Gorowitz, CLIA, Hunter Industries
This session will cover the basics of why we irrigate, including irrigation efficiency and uniformity.  

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