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Irrigation Association announces July 2019 as Smart Irrigation Month

Technology Tuesday on July 9 kicks off the IA’s month-long celebration of smart and efficient irrigation.

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA (May 29, 2019)
— Furthering the mission “to promote efficient irrigation,” the Irrigation Association is excited to announce that July 2019 will once again be celebrated as Smart Irrigation Month. In its 15th year, Smart Irrigation Month serves as the showcase month for the irrigation industry and the public to recognize and promote the benefits associated with smart and efficient irrigation.

The IA is also pleased to announce that Tuesday, July 9, will be recognized as Technology Tuesday. Serving as the official kickoff of Smart Irrigation Month, the IA named the second Tuesday in July as Technology Tuesday to raise awareness about everything that makes up smart irrigation, including the people and the technologies that efficiently apply water to our agricultural fields, landscapes and turfgrass throughout the world.

Everyone who supports the benefits of smart irrigation are asked to wear blue on Technology Tuesday in support of Smart Irrigation Month.

“July continues to serve as our month to not only celebrate everything our industry has to offer but also educate the public on the importance of smart irrigation,” said IA Government and Public Affairs Director John Farner. “Smart Irrigation Month is our month. It’s our month to talk about the importance of water, the importance of smart and efficient irrigation, and the importance of our industry to the growth and success of our society.”

The theme of the 2019 Smart Irrigation Month is “Smart Irrigation in Action.” Throughout the months of June and July, the IA will be encouraging everyone in the irrigation industry to showcase smart irrigation in action through pictures, videos and stories that highlight the benefits of smart irrigation, including an online video contest beginning on June 10.

“The irrigation industry continues to be at the cutting edge of technology and innovation,” continued Farner. “I’m excited to see everything our industry has to offer up this Smart Irrigation Month.”

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