Thanks for sharing your smart irrigation stories!

Your response to our call for stories during Smart Irrigation Month was sensational! Thank you for sharing what smart irrigation means to you and your company. Below you will find a collection of stories submitted highlighting the people behind smart irrigation.

“Water conservation is in our name, our culture and in our commitment to our clients. To us, smart irrigation means creating the most beautiful residential lawns and commercial landscapes without draining Earth’s most precious natural resource – water. That’s why Conserva Irrigation franchisees across the nation take the time to educate consumers on how to save water efficiently with cutting-edge products, services and design practices.”
— Conserva Irrigation
Richmond, Virginia

“When I first got into the business of irrigation, smart controllers were just coming out and becoming popular. I’m a part of the generation that values conservation very highly, and to be in an industry where I was able to make a dedicated effort to conserve water is awesome! Once we began installing Hunter’s PRO-HC controller with smart watering capabilities, it became real that I was able to help make a difference in contributing to everyday water savings. With features out there that can help measure the soil moisture and even predict the weather, our industry is moving into a direction that is a coming of a new age for water conservation.”
— Claire Gerow, Gerow Enterprises
Powhatan, Virginia

“Smart irrigation at Gachina starts with smart people. Having a great team that understands the whole irrigation system is the key to our success. Great products fail to deliver the outcomes we promise when we fail to educate and train properly. Smart irrigation means saving money, time and important water resources.”
— Gachina Landscape Management
Menlo Park, California

“HPWD is proud to provide the Assistance in Irrigation Management Program to agriculture producers within HPWD’s 16 county service area. This program provides grant funding for irrigation telemetry monitoring and management equipment. Over the past three years, HPWD has helped producers purchase over $1.2 million worth of telemetry equipment. When used properly, this industry-proven product can help producers mitigate groundwater loss, monitor applications and make informed decisions to produce a quality crop with less water.”
— High Plains Water District
Lubbock, Texas

“At Munro, we support smart irrigation by engaging in our community and by offering products and resources that enable smart irrigation.”
— Munro
Grand Junction, Colorado

“Smart irrigation is more than just saving water. As an educator, it is about spreading knowledge and developing relationships with others who share the same passion to conserve water. Using smart technology is only as good as the person managing the system, and as a trainer, it’s about teaching how to maximize the potential of these tools. Smart irrigation is more than just smart controllers and systems, it’s about making people smart so they can make the right decisions.”
— Daniel Martinez, ETwater
Novato, California

“Seametrics and our distributor and dealer partners are passionate about providing effective water measurement solutions to irrigators throughout the U.S. and abroad. Seametrics is proud to offer a variety of flow meters that feature no moving parts and displays that help irrigators effectively measure water use. Our team promotes smart irrigation all year long and strives to do our part to provide the best products and services that aid in conserving the world’s most precious natural resource.”
— Seametrics
Kent, Washington

“Imperial Technical Services offers many custom smart irrigation system options for commercial use. These systems help save water, prevent water runoff and sense water line breaks. They utilize smart technologies, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and internet connectivity, to communicate directly with you in real-time. This is all possible with the use of smart controllers, weather and solar sensors, wind sensors, moisture sensors and flow sensors.”
— Imperial Sprinkler Supply
Anaheim, California

“Our work with NIS includes auditing large systems for our municipal partners and evaluating residential systems in service of the residential irrigation rebate program. Reporting on leaks and improper scheduling at parks and residential buildings helps reduce water waste and improve efficiency. Incentivizing new irrigation technology for homeowners gets the devices out and gets residents engaged with their outdoor water use and how weather, plant choice and design intersect in their landscapes.”
— NatureScape Irrigation Service of Broward County, Florida

Smart irrigation begins with us, industry professionals that have a moral obligation to follow best practices in designing, installing and maintaining automatic irrigation systems to be functional, effective and efficient in applying the proper amount of water to sustain a healthy and aesthetically pleasing landscape.
— Kevin Rinschler,
SiteOne Landscape Supply

Roswell, Georgia

“Smart irrigation, to me, is much more than opportunity to sell an enhancement or device. Smart irrigation is about sustainability, about responsibility, about conserving a precious resource, enjoying beautiful environments and ensuring future water.”
— Andy Belingheri, Jain Irrigation
Fresno, California

“Mark Stuhlsatz, VP of irrigation, our marketing team and service managers each play a critical role in acting as advocates for improved watering practices while providing the best resources and smart irrigation solutions that enable our customers to reach their unique landscape goals. We feel a sense of purpose knowing we can help our customers dramatically improve the performance of their green spaces while preserving hundreds of gallons of water resources each and every year. Paired with the money savings, smart irrigation is a serious game-changer.”
— Ryan Lawn & Tree
Merriam, Kansas

“McCrometer’s core mission is to provide flow solutions for efficient management of the world’s natural resources – and tackle the challenges that customers face in acquiring accurate and reliable flow measurement. For more than 65 years, we’ve worked with global customers to understand their unique flow application and provide meters that help them achieve their project goals. Listening to our customers and continuously improving our products allows irrigators to get the flow data they need to make informed decisions about their daily operations. Our team promotes efficient irrigation and flow meters that accurately and effectively inform irrigation practices.”
— McCrometer
Hemet, California

“Our team focuses on optimizing irrigation through the use of automation and telemetry. Our technology lets growers schedule irrigation remotely and watch everything execute in the field from their desktop or mobile device. Crossing automation with sensors, such as soil moisture, gives growers an in-depth view about how their water is being used by the crops. Providing growers with this easy-to-use technology can help increase yields, reduce labor costs/needs, and ultimately saves water.”
— Wiseconn Engineering
Fresno, California

“WaterBit delivers automated irrigation solutions that combine IoT sensors, in-field hardware and cloud-based software so growers can control and execute irrigation remotely with precision down to the sub-block level. In this picture, we are installing our WaterBit MicroBlock Valve which allows growers to control irrigation directly from the dripline to sections in the vineyard with pinpoint accuracy by using their mobile phone. WaterBit translates technology into real value for growers by improving yields and crop consistency, while optimizing water and labor.”
— WaterBit
San Jose, California

“This is one of my contractor field trainings at a new installation to discuss irrigation scheduling, water window calculations, flow sensors and master valve setup for hydraulic protection. Best practices for efficient irrigation are only utilized if promoted and embraced. We need to educate, train, coach and support our customers to ensure success in their individual businesses and to improve professionalism in the green industry.”
— Don Davis, SiteOne Landscape Supply
Roswell, Georgia

“Located in Reno, where we have one of the highest ETo in the country with only 7 inches of annual precipitation, irrigation is imperative to a thriving Nevada landscape. Reno Green Landscaping uses smart irrigation practices and products to save our clients money and reduce their water waste.”
— Reno Green Landscaping
Reno, Nevada

“Education is key when it comes to sharing the benefits of irrigation, which is why U.S. Lawns offers continued education to staff to do just that. This allows our teams to be knowledgeable and proactive in communicating information on irrigation with clients. Part of U.S. Lawns’ brand DNA is to improve communities which means being good stewards of the environment. Smart use of water is part of that.”
— U.S. Lawns
Orlando, Florida

“Our team at Weathermatic believes and is actively promoting that every landscape maintenance professional can also be in the water management business. With both water and labor rates at all-time highs, there has never been a better time to “become a water management company” in order to bring solutions to their clients’ largest budgets, landscape and water. We are seeing a wave of landscape leaders including smart irrigation systems as a standard part of their maintenance agreements, and it is changing the world!”
— Weathermatic
Garland, Texas

“At Eco-Drip Irrigation, our goal is to help our customers increase the efficiency of their operations. Our team assists growers with everything from design and installation to support and maintenance of subsurface drip irrigation systems. Since Eco-Drip’s establishment in 1984, we have provided growers with the ability to fertigate and irrigate in a way that conservatively and effectively uses their resources, while bettering their production management for the future.”
— Eco-Drip Irrigation
Lubbock, Texas

“Smart irrigation means solving problems. Helping people find sustainable solutions for the world’s water challenges is at the core of what we do. Through developments in irrigation pumping technologies, we deliver efficient and reliable solutions for the farmers and water well contractors who feed the planet.”
— Grundfos
Brookshire, Texas

“We use smart irrigation to not only manage the diverse landscapes within our communities, but to also irrigate our unique and varying hydrozones within similar microclimates. Weather-based smart controllers with central control allow for precise programming of the varying types of hydrozones where soil, plants, sun, slope and irrigation methods can vary from one zone to the next. Continuous education of our team members allows for us to specify, identify and disseminate all of this information to make real-world decisions and allows us to educate our clients on how their landscape is performing and why.”
— Andrew Chase, Monarch Environmental
Dana Point, California

“Every irrigation system is unique and has it’s own set of challenges. Smart Irrigation means having a qualified team that is able to identify inefficiencies and provide the most appropriate solutions to reduce waste. Improving irrigation efficiencies conserves water, saves money and provides the best conditions for plant material to thrive.”
— Everthrive Landscape
Mira Loma, California

“At Earth Elements, we believe that education and research are the two tools that will ensure that maintaining flourishing landscapes can be done sustainably. We are actively looking for the equipment and technology that will respond to the evolving needs of the environment and our customers. We expanded our irrigation lineup to include a variety of smart systems including Wi-Fi based controllers that pair irrigation to a smart phone application. This integration allows us to make changes remotely, easily adjusting the watering schedule to accommodate for temperature and weather variations.”
— Earth Elements
Huntsville, Ontario

“At BrightView, smart and efficient irrigation begins with highly trained, IA-certified professionals utilizing the latest water efficient technology. Understanding soils, precipitation rates, landscape coefficients, distribution uniformities, hydraulics and flow rates is crucial to managing water efficiently. Smart products managed by smart people results in saving our customers water and money, while providing a more aesthetically appealing landscape.”
— BrightView Landscape Services
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

“Efficient irrigation is important for conserving water and protecting water quality. Our irrigation evaluation program teaches both residential and commercial property owners how to balance irrigation with rainfall for their plant’s biological needs, and we show them how to evaluate and maintain their irrigation systems. By the end of the process, clients are delighted to learn how easy it can be to conserve water and save money in their landscapes.”
— UF IFAS Extension Hillsborough County
Seffner, Florida