Teaching Tools 

The Irrigation Foundation and the Irrigation Association offer a number of free and low-cost tools for educators looking to develop new courses or expand existing ones. The following resources are designed to help you incorporate irrigation concepts, technologies and best practices into your curriculum:

  • Discounted instructor kits, lab materials and student workbooks on irrigation principles and practices
  • Downloadable catalog of IA and Foundation publications
  • Licenses for half-day to two-day turnkey classes developed by the Foundation, including course content, instructor notes, PowerPoint presentations and additional classroom materials
  • Low-cost, interactive online classes developed by the Irrigation Association and Cal Poly’s Irrigation Training and Research Center
  • Videos and webinars on irrigation best practices, tools and in-field techniques, as well as insights on industry trends
  • Comprehensive glossary of irrigation terms
  • Tools and calculators, including evapotranspiration references and friction loss charts
  • Searchable library of technical papers on cutting-edge research, technologies and practices
  • Links to other industry organizations and resources