Did you know we’ve got your succession plan?

Demand for food, fuel and fiber and the need for healthy green environments continues to grow as the world’s population expands. Water is essential to meet these global demands and is increasingly recognized as a finite resource. Efficient irrigation products and practices can help us responsibly meet these needs, but a skilled hand is needed.

Irrigation professionals, like you, implement the tools of the trade to design, build and manage water distribution systems that benefit the world. It’s an important job and the Irrigation Foundation exists to help ensure that the next generation of irrigators are ready to pick up where you leave off

The Foundation is dedicated to attracting people to careers in irrigation and relies on donor dollars to:

  • Inspire students. The Foundation’s Irrigation E3 program provides college students with exposure, experience and education that directly relate to the irrigation industry. Exemplary students, recognized as Irrigation E3 Learners, receive an education and travel award to attend the Irrigation Show and Education Conference to get a first-hand look at all the industry has to offer.
  • Train educators. The Foundation’s annual Irrigation Faculty Academy is a two-day event focused on train-the-trainer activities. Educators from colleges and universities across the country network with colleagues and learn irrigation-related curriculum that can be used in their classrooms.
  • Recognize dedication. The Foundation’s Excellence in Education Award recognizes a person that is actively teaching irrigation, water management and/or water conservation in affiliation with a two- or four-year institution. This person helps supply the irrigation industry with educated professionals that provide efficient irrigation solutions to protect water and the environment.
  • Recruit talent. The Foundation’s Irrigation Career Link is an online tool that connects potential employees with potential employers in the irrigation industry. Use this tool to upload resumes, find an internship or job, and post open positions.
  • Support students. The Foundation’s scholarship program promotes the study of irrigation by offering meaningful financial support for the education of worthy scholarship candidates interested in a career in the irrigation field.

“The Foundation is focused on the long-term success of the irrigation industry,” said former Foundation Chair “JR” Bergantino, CIC. “Supplying the industry with educated and skilled professionals is an important task and we’re eager to partner with industry leaders to make it happen.”

Help us draft an industry succession plan that’s equipped to handle growing demands for food, feed, fuel and fiber. Make an online donation today, sponsor a specific activity or contribute your time and skills by joining a Foundation task group. Visit www.irrigationfoundation.org for more information.

The Irrigation Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that funds its activities through tax-deductible donations and sponsorships. The Foundation does not receive regular operating funds from the Irrigation Association or its membership dues.