Irrigation Show Success-Enhancing Webinars

Below are three webinars produced by members of the Expo Advisory Committee to help you increase your company’s success at the Irrigation Show. These experienced exhibitors offer tips and tricks to maximize show results. The webinars are 8 – 10 minutes long, packed with information and broken down into three logical phases:

  • Part 1 takes on the preshow items you should do to get ready.
  • Part 2 offers tips on what to do once you’re there and ready to go.
  • Part 3 goes into detail about the postshow process and ways to enhance the results from the efforts you have already taken.

The Irrigation Association is focused and concerned about your success at the show and in our industry. We hope these webinars add to that success.

Increasing Exhibitor Success - Part 1: Preshow Integration and Marketing Communication

Increasing Exhibitor Success - Part 2: At Show Engagement Techniques

Increasing Exhibitor Success – Part 3: The Postshow Follow-up