Spray Head Sprinkler Nozzles

Spray head sprinklers are designed for watering small lawns, shrubs and irregularly shaped landscapes. Improved sprinkler nozzles can be easily retrofitted into existing sprinklers and are designed to apply water more uniformly and precisely than older models.
Nozzles used in spray head sprinklers can be used individually or in a group to apply a continuous spray or moving stream of water. Water may be applied in a fixed pattern or the nozzle may be adjusted to cover a wide range of arcs.
Historically, sprinkler performance has been graded based on distribution uniformity, or how evenly the nozzles apply water. However, as irrigation equipment manufacturers have introduced increasingly sophisticated nozzles, DU alone may no longer be enough to measure water-use efficiency. The SWAT testing protocol for spray head nozzles also evaluates gross precipitation rate, net precipitation rate, and losses due to overspray and overwatering.

SWAT Testing Protocol

Version 3.2 was released April 28, 2015, and is the current testing protocol being used for spray head sprinkler nozzles. Past versions of testing protocols can be found in the Archives.